Pacific Natural Capital Accounting Network

The online platform of the Pacific Natural Capital Accounting Network - PANCAnet – can be found at Users include researchers, policy makers, national and international civil servant and NGO representatives - and anyone interested in using natural capital accounting/ system of environment-economic accounting (SEEA) to inform progress and development in the Pacific region.

On PANCAnet, you can:
- join the Pacific Natural Capital Accounting Network as an individual member - it's free;
- join an on-going discussion on topics such as Regulation in the Energy Sector; Marine and Coastal Ecosystems; Health and Environment; Sustainable Tourism;
- pitch a challenge you would like to answer using natural capital accounting/ SEEA, and get feedback from other members, experts, professional grant writers and donors during the next 6 months;
- ask any question you might have on natural capital accounting/ SEEA and its links to policy.

The launch of the platform follows up the meeting in March 2017 in Brisbane of 28 representatives from different agencies from the Pacific region. The workshop was organised by GDN in association with development partners such as Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services Global Partnership (WAVES) and with input from United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) – Pacific Office. The platform was developed by GDN, with support from a specialised consultancy, IdeasBelong. More information on the platform, the moderators and the meeting, including its outcomes and the presentations of Brisbane, are available on PANCAnet.