The 5th Northeast Asia Energy Security Forum

12 Dec 2017
Seoul, Republic of Korea

The 5th Northeast Asia Energy Security Forum was held on 12 December 2017 in Seoul, Republic of Korea to have an overview of renewable energy development in North-East Asia and an in-depth review of fiscal, market, technological and political challenges to renewables to share lessons and solutions. The Forum also discussed distributed generation and new policy and market approaches to promote the participation of diverse stakeholders such as citizens, cities and municipalities as "prosumers" at individual and community levels. In particular, cities and municipalities can pilot and prove a mix of innovative renewable energy policies for meeting their own power demand within their jurisdiction. Renewables development in North-East Asia has significant regional and global implications in terms of technological advancement and renewables price, and offers valuable policy lessons for other countries. Thus, the Forum produced subregional inputs for the 2nd Asia and Pacific Energy Forum, a unique ministerial forum, to be held in April 2018.