Interregional Youth Policy Forum

21 Nov 2017 to 23 Nov 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

The Forum will bring together UN officials, policymakers and youth leaders from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Western Asia to share their experience working together on the Development Account project: “Strengthening the capacity of Governments in the ESCAP, ECA and ESCWA regions to respond to the needs of youth in formulating inclusive and sustainable development policies.” Further objectives include enhancing partnerships, particularly those between policymakers and youth organizations. The main output of the project is the Youth Policy Toolbox, an online repository of knowledge, experience, e-learning and good practices. This forum will serve as the interregional launch of the Toolbox, and as such the forum will include discussions on how to ensure the effective dissemination of the Toolbox in each region, drawing upon networks to spread the reach and applicability of the Toolbox as widely as possible. Additionally, the Forum will include a discussion on the role of innovation and ICT in enhancing youth participation and the school-to-work transition.

Link to the Toolbox: