Sustainable Urban Transport Index (SUTI) - 9th World Urban Forum

12 Feb 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The event introduces the Sustainable Urban Transport Index (SUTI) developed by UNESCAP to help summarize, track and compare the performance of sustainable urban transport systems in cities. The result of pilot application of SUTI in Colombo; Greater Jakarta; Hanoi; and Kathmandu will be shared.

SUTI can serve as a useful tool for cities to assess the achievement of the SDG11, more specifically target 11.2 and support the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
UNESCAP would like to encourage cities and countries to use SUTI for assessment of urban transport systems and use results to plan and implement measures to improve urban transport systems and services.

UNESCAP is also looking for collaborating partners to support collection of urban transport data and application of SUTI in more cities.

SUTI includes ten indicators covering planning, access, safety, quality and reliability, affordability, air quality and emissions and thus represents transport system, social, economic, and environmental dimensions. Indicators on different scales are normalized and performance of each indicators is compared on a scale of 1-100. SUTI is derived by geometric aggregation of ten indicators, based on equal weighting.

An Excel SUTI data sheet and data collection guideline is developed for data entry and analysis. It generates the index and the spider diagram and allow a review of the city’s overall state of urban transport as well as performance against each indicator. Based on this result, the city can initiate policy measures to improve urban transport system and allow to track the results of its efforts over time.

Analyzing SUTI for several cities will allow comparison and ranking of performance across cities in a standardized way. It is important that each city collects data for the ten indicators and follows the same procedure and guideline to be able to compare results across cities.

Sustainable Urban Transport Index (SUTI)
12 February 2018
12:00-13:00 Hours
@Urban Library, 9th WUF, Kuala Lumpur