Expression of Interest (EOI)

New vendors are encouraged to participate in ESCAP solicitation exercises via Expression of Interest (EOI). EOI does not constitute a solicitation. ESCAP reserves the right to change or cancel requirements at any time in any EOI and/or solicitation process.

Interested vendors/organizations already registered with the Procurement Unit should forward their EOI to the attention of the Chief, Procurement Unit, ESCAP with indication of EOI reference number and subject.

Firms/organization interested in a particular EOI that have not yet registered with the ESCAP Procurement Unit must submit applications for Vendor Registration, along with detailed information demonstrating experience and qualifications in provision of the relevant commodities/services.

Please follow the instructions as detailed within each advertisement and take note that at this juncture all contacts as a result of these EOI must either be sent by facsimile transmission or letter.

EOI No. Title Commodity Group Expiry Date
EOIUNESCAP15519 Renovation of Ground Floor Entrance Ways in UNESCAP, Bangkok Thailand Miscellaneous 19 Oct 2018
EOIUNESCAP15537 Maintenance & Emergency Repair Services for: LOT 1: Fire Fighting System and LOT 2: Fire Suppression System at UNESCAP Bangkok Thailand Safety and Security 26 Oct 2018
EOIUNESCAP15538 Replacement of CCTV Camera System in UNESCAP Premises, Bangkok Thailand Information Technology 26 Oct 2018
EPO_ITEquipment EOI Sale of Surplus IT and Office Equipment, EPO, Suva, Fiji Office Equipment/Supplies 2 Nov 2018
APCTT_Vehicle EOI Used Vehicle Sale APCTT, New Delhi, India Vehicles 2 Nov 2018