20 Nov 1995
Flagship publications and book series

The review provides a general background on recent developments and trends in economic, trade and population growth that would have a significant impact on developments in transport and communications in the ESCAP region. It demonstrates that the dynamic economic growth of the countries in the region is placing a considerable strain on the transport and communications infrastructure and services. The rapid growth of cities and their economic prosperity are also creating additional problems in urban areas.

1 Jan 1995
Flagship publications and book series
5 Apr 1994

The provision of adequate infrastructure, along with macroeconomic stability and a long-term development strategy, is one of the necessary conditions for sustainable economic and social development. To this end, the study highlighted the inadequacies of existing infrastructure facilities in countries of the ESCAP region and also estimated their future requirements. The study found that between 1993 and 2000, around $ 1,400 billion would be required for infrastructure development in developing countries of the region.

15 Dec 1993
Flagship publications and book series

This review provides an account of recent trends of development in the regional transport and communications sector. Divided in three parts, the first part of the review contains an analysis of the economic, trade and population growth trends influencing the supply of infrastructure and the provision of services in all modes of transport and telecommunications. It also outlines the major policy initiatives concerning regulation, operation and management and mitigation of the adverse impact of transport activities.